Friday, June 6, 2008

Speed-Up loading of Adobe Acrobat Reader

Don’t you often get irritated when your acrobat reader takes 5/10 seconds to load when you want to open a pdf document?

Here is The way to speed up the loading.

1. Go to the installation folder of acrobat reader
Most of the times its C:\program files\adobe\acrobat\reader\... whatever

2. Move all the files and folders from the “plug_ins” directory to the “Optional” directory.
(Just… cut and paste the files NOT copy & paste).

  • Make sure that acrobat reader is not open else it will lock the files and not allow you to move the files.

Now run your acrobat reader, the adobe installer will run once to apply the changes you made and then your acrobat reader will load very fast and almost as fast as notepad.



ajay said...

hey it's really fast i have tried and get the desire results thanks
i have subscribed to u r rss can u also subscribe to my rss if u want?

Yogesh Amberkar said...

Thanks Ajay.

And thanks for subscribing to my RSS. I ve already subscribed to your RSS. You have great contents on your blog man. I ll surely be a frequent visitor to your blog.