Friday, September 12, 2008

MRON Introduces 3 New Premium Range of Computer Cabinets

MRON International Limited has introduced 3 new models of premium series cabinets to meet the ever-increasing demand for attractive and good-looking cabinets. This new range includes ELECTRON, PROTON and NEUTRON and comes in the price range of existing premium series with 3 year warranty.Naveen Garg, Director, MRON International Limited said, “We have to constantly introduce innovative products to retain our market position and these new models are exclusively for the assembler space who demands for quality products with trendy looks”.

These new cabinets are available in the combination of black and grey colors, above all PROTON differentiate with other models because of smart red color ethnic design on the lower part of front panel. All these casings come with, heavy gauge and robust structure pre-fitted with dual SATA connector and complimented with a state of the art thermal Control system and strong 550 watts power supply unit. The thermal control feature in the casings ensures a long life of the computer components by automatically maintaining its internal temperature with a selectable temperature operation up to 38 degree centigrade. The dual fan option ensures cooling of new generation processors, where more heat is delivered and also minimize dust infiltration at the same time.

MRON offers Computer Casing solution with front Audio and USB ports purely for Micro ATX and ATX, with Guide Sticker for easy installation and Screw Box in a packing to avoid misplace of some important screws. The new Burn-In feature reduces the risk of damage to the expensive internal components of the computer by ensuring that in case of an eventuality it would cut off the supply to the motherboard. Made with high quality cold-rolled steel constructions, these cases are designed to be environmentally friendly as well as highly efficient.

Naveen Garg, expressed satisfaction with the increasing acceptance of its products and he attributed the success to his channel partners who have helped it acquire the market share. As in the past, the company is planning to introduce various schemes for its partners during the festival season ahead.

With a network of 14 branches, these cabinets will be made available through MRON Valued Channel Partners across the country.


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