Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hackers from Brazil unlocked iPhone 3G

The iPhone hacking community seem to be working overtime cracking Apple's new iPhone 3G. We thought the iPhone 3G will never be unlocked, but within a week of its release and in Brazil, where it isn’t even available yet, that’s something we didn’t expect. Seems like Brazilian company, DesbloqueioBr, has managed to do away with the chains giving users a chance to have a go on other carriers and it has a video to prove it. Despite the best efforts of AT&T and Apple, the iPhone 3G has been unlocked.

A group from Brazil has managed to unlock Apple's iPhone 3G handset just days after its release. The unlocked iPhone is also displayed and demonstrated in an online video on a Portuguese-language news blog. An unlocked iPhone can be used with any Sim card and almost any GSM carrier.

IPhone user Bruno MacMasi said in an interview with Gizmodo that the unlocking process involved modifying the Sim hardware so that the International Mobile Subscriber Identity can be overwritten and removed from the original network. The procedure allows iPhone 3G users to makes calls with any compatible GSM carrier, not just ones with which Apple has an exclusive agreement. But users of an unlocked phone wouldn't be guaranteed to have 3G-network access, and Apple could potentially wipe out the hack with a software update.

Paulo and Breno of DesbloqueioBr explain that they have been able to achieve this by programming the SIM adapter in such a way that it tricks the iPhone into believing that a test SIM card has been inserted. Since iPhone 3G thinks that it is a test SIM card, it allows service and hands the functionality back to the SIM thus unlocking it.

Folks at Engadget have been able to test this hardware unlocking method with their FIDO locked iPhone 3G with a local TIM SIM card and then in their AT&T iPhone 3G, and have confirmed that it worked perfectly in both.

Just a simple firmware alteration and a special SIM card add-on should do the trick, according to the company, albeit with a drop in connection quality. But don’t expect it to come cheap as DesbloqueioBr is thinking of snatching up to 375 of your greens before you go scotfree with your second-gen iPhone. The company plans to charge between $250 and $375 to unlock a phone.

Time to rev up your engines and push that firmware update out soon Apple!

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